maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

Party weekend!

This weekend we decided to go and see Bilbao nightlife. Bilbao is full of small bars, where people hang out and meet friends and eat local pintxos. Well, this time we didn't go to the bar but we went in search of a local nightclubs. We found one place where were side by side in many different nightclubs, everyone was quite small but fortunately dance floor found! It was a fun place!
On Sunday we got new residents from Holland. Sunday was sunny day so we decided to go to the beach. We went same place than previously but this time left side which turned out to be skinny sleet. Some had clothes on and some doesn't, but it wasn't a problem for myself or another. Rest of the evening I took it easy. :)

So beautiful!

My fourth working week

Hello! My Monday start as usual long of sleep and morning training, since work began half past four. I was assigned to sew a silk blouse. I can say that silk isn't the easiest to sew material but not difficult at all. The Difficult part was neckline, since I had to stretch the fabric and keep the seam allowance as narrow as possible. After all it became a good and Maitane was pleased.

I sew a french seam

The neckline was a little bit difficult 

I made this last week and this time I had to finish the neckline. First I tried to sew by hand a couple of stitches the sweater seams. 

Like this
But it didn't work. Then I tried to sew under the fabric, but I had made it too frequently, so I solved open and I made a stitch less. 

Finally, Cultto brand 
Ready for sale

Some pants that I made 

White sweater with gold glitter neckline. This wasn't the production of any strange. Only the neckline because I sewed the bias tape. It wasn't hard because I have used it before. White ribbed edges had run out so I had to solve it in another. 

For this one I took a white which I moved the white sweater and for this I sewed a black.

For a small organization of store. As you can see a cowhide rug left and a red carpet moved to the front of the store. Also jewelry moved the center where was a mirror before and the mirror went next to fitting rooms. On my mind the shop looks now more bigger, maybe because of the white floor. 

On Saturday I went to job 10.30 am and I was assigned to put a black rubber bands skirt seams. First I solved seams open and then I started to sew them in their proper place. Solved was a little bit slowly because there was a straight stitch and overcast.
First seam
Sewing the elastic band caught

tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2015

Warm and sunny weekend!

Hello! This weekend was brilliant in every way. The sun was shining all the weekend and it was over 20 degrees. :) This weekend I have done all kinds of things for example, we went on Saturday to look Bilbao's beach. We had to take the metro and go Larrabasterra named metro station. It took 30 minutes because we had to change metro. From metro we walked about three kilometers to the beach. First was uphill and then downhill it was very easy to find. The views was spectacular and the people were happy and smiling. Of course, I soaked myself in the Atlantic Ocean. It was cold but it didn't matter and the waves were wonderful. Many people surfing there so I had to be wary of them. But it was fun!

Sunday was hotter than previous day. I went to first training a little bit and then I came back to a apartment and chance my clothes and I live with my roommate to see the city and enjoy the perfect weather. We found one place where was appropriately priced food. The menu cost only fifteen euros including first course, main course and dessert. :) When we were full of food we decided to go Guggenheim museum. The ticket cost ten euros and it has three floors but third floor was closet. It was very inspiring and fascinating to see all the Art and the Guggenheim as a building itself is one of fine art work. See you soon! Hasta luego!

Finnish design!:D

Working week

Hello! A week has gone so fast so, I write now what I have done throughout the week at work and how am I doing. At work: I have sewed a silk blouse and blouses with a zipper at the back.

And a skirt which is not yet finish.

Ironed a t-shirt and two blouses, which I made previously.

Then I sewed a trouser with a hidden zipper.

And I have drawn something summer clothes. I'm organized in the shop and took relax and wondered the people and listened to the Spanish tried to understand at least something. :D

New shoes

Sewed Cultto brands

Also making paper birds and put them hanging in the paper bags

One customer work were I had to shorten the hem of the dress and the shoulders also.

I sewed sweatshirt but this time fabric was metallic (something man-made fibers). I thought that it would be difficult to sew, but everything went well.

Almost ready for sale, without finishing
I have been here now three weeks and the time has gone super fast. And I just wanted to tell that my internship here in Bilbao is shortened. Originally, I had to leave here in December 19 but I'm leaving end of the month. The life doesn't always go all the way like you wants it. But I could be here for almost six weeks. My internship has gone so far very well. I have learned couple of words in Spanish :) and here I have got to think about my own business, among future and the people who are important in my life and so on.